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Ottawa Chinese Golf Open

Wei Li (Champion)
Ling Duan (Ladies Champion)
Ziyu Wang (The Most Improved)
Wei Li (Challenge Champion)

Ping Wei (Champion)
Ling Duan (Ladies Champion)
Hong Xu (The Most Improved)
Wei Ding (Challenge Champion)

Chuanxiang Ji (Champion)
Sonia Qin (Ladies Champion)
Hui Peng (The Most Improved)
Maurice Chan (Challenge Champion)

Bo Zhang (Champion)
Velda Wong (Ladies Champion)
Jack Yuan (The Most Improved)
Wei Ding (Challenge Champion)
76 (加洞胜)

Hugh Wei (Champion)
83-73 (156)
Ruixue Huang (Ladies Champion)
94-92 (186)
Sung Ping Yu (Handicap)
84-86 (170)

Maurice Chan (Champion)
74-75 (149)
Sonia Qin (Ladies Champion)
85-86 (171)
Jeff Wang (Handicap)

Maurice Chan (Champion)
78-78 (156)
Velda Wong (Ladies Champion)
89-91 (180)
Robin Zhang (The Most Improved)
86-86 (172)

Chuanxiang Ji (Champion)
80-77-81 (238)
Ruixue Huang (Ladies Champion)
112-101-110 (323)
If you score a hole-in-one, please send your infomation to ottawachinesegolf@gmail.com which include your real Chinese and English names, email, hole-in-one date, course, hole, yardage, club, ball as well as details/additional comments.

Hui Henry Xue 2018-04-28, at the 4th hole of Richmond Centennial Glof Club, Hui Henry Xue scored the hole-in-one from 123 yards with 8 iron! Witnessed by Ray Situ, Yihao Yang and Xiaocheng Wu.

Guang Chen 2016-06-01, At Meadows golf & country club, East course, hole #7, 93 yard with pitching wedge.


Wenqin Shao 2014-05-07, at the Manderley on the Green, north course, hole #7, 160 yard, with 6 iron. Witness: Man’s league team, Jeff, Jack and Eric.

Wei Ding 2013-07-31, at the 11th hole of Stonebridge Golf & Country Club, Wei Ding scored the hole-in-one from 169 yards with 6 iron! Witnessed by Sillycat, Ling Duan and Guang Chen.

Hongchao Mu 2012-09-28, at the 15th hole of The Marshes Golf Club, Sillycat scored the hole-in-one from 139 yards with 9 iron!

Chuanxiang Ji 2012-07-02, at the 6th hole of Pekenham highlands Island course, Chuanxiang scored the hole-in-one from 165 yards!

Guangming Lu 2010-06-12, at the 16th hole of Pine View Municipal Golf Course (Championship), Guangming scored the first-ever ace of the OCGA history! Hole 16 was selected for the BMW grand prize hole-in-one in Jne25, 2011. In the practice round two weeks earlier, at 165 yards exa

Players who scored eagle.

Jeff Wang 2015-06-24, in The Meadows Golf & Country Club, South 9, par-5, white tee, 443 yards.
Calvin Si 2014-04-27, at the 9th hole (par-5; 496 yards) of Gatineau Golf Course, hitting an eagle. Witnessed by Hugh, Ling and Robin.
Hugh Wei 2013-06-02, shot his virgin eagle on Manderley central 3rd hole, par 5, blue tee, 484yd, against 20+km wind, driver off tee, 3 wood from fairway, made 6 footer and happily received the congrats from Jack, WQ Shao, Jayson.
Jin Xue 2012-07-29, at the 5th hole (par-5; 464 yards) of Central, Manderley, hitting an eagle.
Aijun Liu 2012-06-29, at the 7th hole (par-5; 395 yards) of Richmond Centennial, hitting an eagle.
Wenqin Shao 2012-04-14, at the 5th hole (par-4; 362 yards) of Central, Manderley, hitting an eagle.
Sillycat 2010-07-25, at The Meadows, hitting an eagle.
Essengolf 2010-07-17, at Chateau Cartier, #7 hole (par-5; 475 yards), hitting an eagle.
Robin Zhang 2010-07-16, at Chateau Cartier, #7 hole (par-4; 355 yards), hitting an eagle with Iron #9.

Intercity Players

Date: 2014-09-20
Course: Mayfair Lakes (Vancouver)
Ottawa Captain: Jeff Wang
Ottawa Players: Hugh Wei, Jeff Wang
Teams: Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver
Result: First: Vancouver, Second: Toronto, Third: Montreal, Fourth: Ottawa

Date: 2013-08-31
Course: Augus Glen Golf Club (Toronto)
Ottawa Captain: Jeff Wang
Ottawa Players: Hugh Wei, Brian Seto, Maurice Chan, Ping Wei, Hongchao Mu, Aijun Liu, Wei Ding, Chuanxiang Ji, Wenqin Shao, Robin Zhang, Jeff Wang, Ling Duan
Teams: Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto
Result: First: Toronto, Second: Ottawa, Third: Montreal

Date: 2012-09-09
Course: Brockville Country Club (Brockville)
Ottawa Captain: Jeff Wang
Ottawa Players: Maurice Chan, Chuanxiang Ji, Ping Wei, Wei Ding, Hugh Wei, Aijun Liu, Hongchao Mu, Stephen Li, Dan Li, Ling Duan, Sonia Qin, Steven Tao, Wenqin Shao, Wenze Qin, Robin Zhang, Jeff Wang
Teams: Ottawa, Montreal
Result: First: Ottawa, Second: Toronto, Third: Montreal

Date: 2011-09-10
Course: Casselview (Ottawa)
Ottawa Captain: Jeff Wang
Ottawa Players: Maurice Chan/Chuanxiang Ji, Brian Seto/Ping Wei, Robin Zhang/Dan Chen, Jichao Su/Velda Wong, Stephen Li/Hugh Wei, Hongchao Mu/Wei Ding, Brian Qin/Jeff Wang
Teams: Ottawa, Montreal
Result: Ottawa won the Intercity Cup.

Date: 2010-10-03
Course: La Cite (Montreal)
Ottawa Captain: Jeff Wang
Ottawa Players: Dan Chen, Maurice Chan, Hugh Wei, Steven Li, Brian Qin,Calvin Si, Robin Zhang, Jeff Wang
Teams: Ottawa, Montreal
Result: 4:0 Ottawa Won

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